'Muscles are gross. Why do you lift weights? You'll get too big. Why do you want to get bulky? Aren't guys intimidated by you? That's kind of scary. Can you train me? I don't want to look like you though. I don't think girls should want to be so masculine.' || Break the stereotype. Everyone has a different definition beauty.


Fucking beast

I do not know the patient or anything about his story except that when the patient decided he was tired of waiting and walked out the hospital staff was notified and they said he was free to go if he wanted, he was not under any kind of arrest or detention. When no one followed the patient walked back.
Now on the whole I understand we have a big problem with mental health issues in the emergency setting. This submission came at such a weird time, however, because we had just finished having a conversation with a local hospital charge nurse. The topic had been unnecessary ER visits and ambulance calls for patients with behavioral issues. I present the top 5 complaints: (none of these patients were from our service, these were stories the charge nurse told us about)
5. The patient took too much Mylanta, said it caused amnesia.
4. The patient felt tired after not being able to sleep, total awake time: 12 hours. (This one was hilarious since we were already going on 20 hours non-stop.)
3. Patient is constipated, well, she has had a bowel movement but it wasn’t enough. In her opinion she felt she needed more release. 
2. Car crash…..down the street from where the patient lives. The patient heard it though, so requested an ambulance and demanded to be transported, was also very upset other ambulances rushed past him that were responding to the collision. Became furious when the doctor laughed at him for being mad that the ambulances needed to respond to the trauma instead of him first, nearly exploded when he was escorted to triage lobby.
And for number 1. Patient calls for “bradycardia”. When they arrive to the ER the medics explain to the nursing staff that they saw the patient had his computer on WebMD and was researching bradycardia. The patient was at no time showing bradycardia, pulse was 84. The nurse asks what his pulse was when he thought he was feeling his bradycardia. The patient answers he never really counted, just felt it slow. The nurse asks if he’s also a hypochondriac. The patient almost yells, “Yes!”, the whole time holding his throat.



i don’t understand people who make multiple facebook statuses every day like wtf i haven’t made a facebook status since like world war 2

"wow this trench sucks #didnazithatcoming"

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Turn up the heat
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Tyson French


I literally crave affection. It’s not about sex. I crave somebody to cuddle with me, and to lay their head on my lap. I crave kisses, holding hands and running my thumb across theirs. Just looking at someone and thinking “how did I get this lucky”.

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The most horrific thing about getting close to someone is the thought that at any point, they could lose complete interest in you

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I may not be 5 gum but I can still stimulate your senses.

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